Elizabeth Craft Designs, Inc. values the relationship it has with customers and website visitors, and is committed to responsible information-handling practices. Elizabeth Craft Designs, Inc. takes the privacy of customers very seriously and wants you to feel comfortable whenever you visit the website, access online services, or participate in additional online offerings from Elizabeth Craft Designs, Inc.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding submitting your information online, please don't hesitate to contact us:

Elizabeth Craft Designs, Inc.
Elizabeth Craft Designs, Inc. Privacy Principles
Elizabeth Craft Designs, Inc.'s approach to responsible information handling is founded on the basis of the Fair Information Practices, the cornerstone of which is providing notice of information practices and other privacy aspects in order to allow individuals to make informed decisions regarding personally identifiable information
•Elizabeth Craft Designs, Inc. notifies you of information practices. When you visit the website, information may be requested of you in order for you to participate more fully in online offerings and services. When Elizabeth Craft Designs, Inc. collects information from you, Elizabeth Craft Designs, Inc. will let you know what is being collected, how it is collected, for what purpose(s) it is collected and to whom it may be disclosed. Elizabeth Craft Designs, Inc. also identifies the information that is necessary to fulfill your request. Whenever Elizabeth Craft Designs, Inc. requests additional or optional information, Elizabeth Craft Designs, Inc. marks those as voluntary so that you know it is not required to provide the requested service.

•Elizabeth Craft Designs, Inc. strives to provide you the opportunity to update or correct the contact information that you have provided to. Elizabeth Craft Designs, Inc. has a variety of mechanisms for you to modify and update the contact information that you have provided and is in the process of developing more mechanisms to update your personal data.
•Elizabeth Craft Designs, Inc. protects personally identifiable information. Elizabeth Craft Designs, Inc. recognizes industry standards and employs security safeguards to protect personally identifiable information from unauthorized access and misuse. Furthermore, Elizabeth Craft Designs, Inc. will take measures to ensure that the information used to process your request is accurate and current.


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